Contrary to popular belief, no code is untestable. Sure, writing unit tests for well-crafted code that follows the SOLID principles is easy. But what about legacy code residing in some god class with implicit dependencies and no separation of concerns? We will show you that it is possible to write tests for even the worst code by explaining the why, the what, the how, and the when of software testing while looking at real-world examples.


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Ken Guest at 11:29 on 4 Nov 2017

Very well presented, learnt some very useful new techniques that I hadn't been aware of.

I really enjoyed this talk.

Seb set the scene well and introduced what is a common problem.

I took away two points:

1. The importance of a basic end to end test to support initial refactoring
2. Branching by abstraction as an option to facilitate migration

Incredibly helpful! Loads of testing talks hammer in the basics and the ideal scenarios, but this is the only one I’ve seen which addresses the edge cases and situations where the ideal practices can’t work.

Daniel Craigie at 13:28 on 4 Nov 2017

Great points on the many ways of using PHPUnit for testing outside of the standard practices.

Jeroen v.d. Gulik at 15:31 on 4 Nov 2017

Always love talks from the trenches. Good content mixed in with some humour.

I enjoyed the talk and the speaker did a nice delivery! I learned a few things specially de-legacy FYI, some other cool tooling and understand the types of tests and what to do.
I took the opportunity to advertise php-vcr, I hope you didn't mind it!

Matt Brunt at 22:29 on 7 Nov 2017

My favourite quote from this was "testing clean code is easy, testing legacy code is hard" - all too often that gets overlooked and it was nice to see a real world example as the way to gradually move yourself out of an untested legacy nightmare!

And 422613806751446844383776889554081900123042754108583958093751102384903715343564800000 is a LONG number! ;)

Very interesting talk, delivered well with some useful practices I hope to carry forward into my future development to make life easier. Thanks again :)

Raphael Stolt at 14:32 on 8 Nov 2017

Well presented talk, though not getting that much new learnings out of it.

Andy Gaskell at 14:49 on 8 Nov 2017

I really enjoyed this talk, it was practical and felt very real world.