Event Storming is an emerging group modeling technique using sticky notes and verbal communication that is not only extremely efficient, but also easy to learn, and fun to do. This workshop introduces you to Event Storming with a strong focus on process design. Rather than talking a lot of theory, we will quickly dive into a group exercise and start modeling a real-life business problem´╗┐. We will not stop there, however, but also turn the model into working PHP code using Domain-driven Design techniques and patterns.


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Andy Gaskell at 11:53 on 7 Oct 2018

This was a really good workshop, and gave me lots to think about, in terms of our team's approaches to many aspects of our work. There were many useful take-aways, both from the technical and the business centric perspective. Very thought provoking, but also fun.

Really enjoyed this workshop and am already employing event storming at work. Found it's actually much more naturally accessible to business and manufacturing folk than software engineers! Too many preconceived notions.