OpenFaaS is Serverless Functions Made Simple for Docker & Kubernetes. Avoid vendor lock-in by running functions in your datacenter or the cloud with your existing CI/CD and container ecosystem. Freeing you to run your functions on your own terms - anywhere, and in any language.

This talk introduces OpenFaaS, demonstrates how to build functions with PHP and then explores real-world examples of how and why people are leveraging a serverless architecture. You'll also see OpenFaaS Cloud in action which brings a stream-lined "git push" CI/CD workflow and a multi-user experience to your functions.

You can deploy OpenFaaS in 60 seconds anywhere with Docker or Kubernetes. The project focuses on ease of use through its UI and CLI which can be used to test and monitor functions in tandem with Prometheus integration enabling auto-scaling as demand increases.

OpenFaaS has won Best Cloud Computing Software 2018 from InfoWorld and has a thriving community with over 130 contributors, 3k commits and over 13k stars.


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Rob Wilson at 10:21 on 6 Oct 2018

Great talk by John, certainly opened my eyes to some more serverless systems. Brave doing the live demo, and showing off some code/comments

Ken Guest at 11:09 on 6 Oct 2018

great talk, very thought provoking and appropriate for current IT times.

Lee Boynton at 11:16 on 6 Oct 2018

Definitely found out about lots of new technologies in this talk, perhaps a lot to fit in and the pace was slightly fast due to this. Well presented and enjoyable to listen to. Planning to look into Istio and openfaas itself after this.

LJ NOBLE at 11:26 on 6 Oct 2018

Very detailed! From the back the code font size was a bit small...

Severin Bruhat at 11:58 on 6 Oct 2018

Really good talk, I didn't know anything about OpenFaas, I will definitely give it a try.

Daniel Craigie at 14:00 on 6 Oct 2018

Good talk and live demos always go down well. I did get a little lost in the middle, due to the fast pace, when discussing the different ways to deploy the functions.

Ezell Frazier at 14:07 on 6 Oct 2018

Great stuff. Was looking for ways of going serverless with PHP.

Harro Verton at 14:46 on 6 Oct 2018

Good speaker, entertaining, able to keep the audience engaged. Very interesting topic too !

Peter McDonald at 23:14 on 6 Oct 2018

Good to see what OpenFaas is capable of

James Hodgson at 09:05 on 7 Oct 2018

An excellent talk. Showed some great new technology that I will definitely be trying out. Parts did seem rushed but I think that's due to the large amount of content to fit in. Was still able to keep up though.

Andy Gaskell at 11:57 on 7 Oct 2018

This was an excellent talk, packed with interesting ideas and practical details. We'll be trying out OpenFaaS sson I think, inspired by this.

Matt Brunt at 20:41 on 7 Oct 2018

The content was great, seeing how fast it can be to get up and running with OpenFaaS was eye-opening. I think there may have been a bit too much content to fit in for the talk, at times it felt rushed, but I can see why everything was in the talk, it was important stuff!

Julien Maulny at 09:41 on 8 Oct 2018

Thank you, I want to test this tool now

Richard Black at 10:05 on 8 Oct 2018

Hadn't come across OpenFaaS before, but will definitely be checking it out after this. There was a lot to take in, and at times it was a bit overwhelming, but interesting and well presented overall

Patryk Zajdler at 10:41 on 8 Oct 2018

Great talk, it was hard to follow at times due to its pace, but I suppose the main point was to demonstrate the power of OpenFAAS which was done in an impressive fashion.

Recent convert to serverless and cloud functions and absolutely loving it. Excited to get OpenFaaS running at work on-prem through Kubernetes!