BDD best practices, applied in the PHP world. Behaviour Driven Development techniques help us to ensure that the code we're writing is solving real-world problems, and is software that matters. In this hands-on workshop we will understand a user's requirement; solve that problem with software; and validate its functionality using tools such as Behat, PHPUnit and PhpSpec.


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David Carr at 21:18 on 8 Nov 2019

The workshop was really informative. I felt the pace was good not to fast. The group exercises proved to be really useful to nail down the topics been explained, it enabled me to learn from fellow attendees as well.

It would be really useful if the slides were available.

Mark Finney at 15:17 on 9 Nov 2019

I found the workshop interesting, informative and perfectly pitched. I am excited to put BDD into practice and am confident that I know the right direction to develop this further following this session.

Thank you!