Ever wanted to contribute to PHP's Core? This is your time! From tests to a new function, PHP is open for new contributors. Fixing bugs, document things, cleanups, refactoring, or even new small functions. In this talk, we're gonna see how the is_countable function was made, and what we can learn from that.


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Adam Cooper at 15:34 on 9 Nov 2019

Good overview of the process and where people like me can help.

Daniel Craigie at 15:46 on 9 Nov 2019

I've always wondered what happens behind the scenes when the Wizzards make changes to the Core. I have a much better understanding of "how the sasuage is made" now.

Peter McDonald at 22:50 on 9 Nov 2019

As mentioned during the talk the content changed to be less technical based than originally planned. Although an interesting talk it may have been good to strike a balance and touched on some of internals. Granted this is not necessarily an easy task for a slot of 50 minutes.

As well as talking about contributing to the source code of PHP Gabriel also tried to get people to think of other ways they could contribute if they did not have the time or skills required.

Chris Holland at 14:23 on 10 Nov 2019

This talk was very informative and shed a lot of light on many questions I had about how people contribute to PHP. Beyond learning about ways to contribute to PHP outside of C code, thanks to Gabriel's talk I now have links to practical resources for learning how to contribute code to PHP, should I choose to overcome my fear of C ... which could be a while tbh, but I'm glad I'm one step closer now :)

Ryan Mauger at 08:17 on 11 Nov 2019

Great talk, and very interesting to hear the experiences of the speaker