There has been a lot of talk about Progressive Web Apps and what they can do, especially now the Apple has caught up.

In this talk, we will briefly explore what a PWA is and how to build one. We will look at the benefits of PWA's and more importantly their limitations.

We then look a bit deeper at the technologies behind PWA's such as Service Workers, in particular we will look at the mechanics behind Service Workers, and how they will affect your back-end builds.

Finally, we will look at offline development, the offline first life-cycle and the tools and technologies needed to start building offline applications. Comparing offline storage mechanisms, and their limitations.


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Andy Gaskell at 15:06 on 9 Nov 2019

Great overview

Good intro and starting point for further learning

Chris Holland at 14:25 on 10 Nov 2019

I really enjoyed all the business impact stats, and all of the practical advice and sample code to get started with PWAs. Great talk.

Tim Swann at 08:30 on 12 Nov 2019

as someone who's never dabbled with PWAs I found this to be an excellent intro. It really de-mystified it for me and I'm keen to have a go now.