Have you ever thought how would be to create a large application on top of ReactPHP?
Let's say we want to build a user managing API. How should we model our classes in order to make a 100% non-blocking application?
The domain, the repositories and the third party dependencies. What minimum requirements do they need to comply in order to be ready to be used?

In this workshop, we will:

Create n empty skeleton installation of DriftPHP
Build a small domain model on top of CQRS architecture
Produce and consume domain events
Create some websockets
Take a look at how functional tests should be designed
Create some basic docker images for our ReactPHP applications

And, as soon as all these bullets are done, we'll deploy our service in a docker container.
And we'll make some benchmarking.
How fast do you think that this service could go with a concurrency of 1000 requests?
Let's find it out.


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