Security is a common concern at the moment. There are regular stories about companies large and small having their applications hacked, data being leaked, and cards being stolen.

Any application could be targeted, and as developers we are responsible for ensuring that the data our users provide us remains secure.

Thankfully, there are common patterns and vectors that are used, and by knowing the basics of these, you can protect your application from a large number of such attacks.

Join Liam as he demonstrates some of these common vectors, and discusses how you can protect against them.


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iKay at 14:45 on 23 Oct 2021

Well spoken and I enjoyed the presentation.
Some tech issues with projectors were taken in good stride.

A lot of brilliant info, with examples, and some things that I will definitely be looking into further.

Liam Hackett at 18:43 on 23 Oct 2021

Very well spoken and engaging talk.

Went into the perfect amount of depth.

Mark Railton at 19:15 on 23 Oct 2021

Really good talk that I think every developer should be made to watch.

Liam did suffer from some tech issues, but he handled them well and didn’t get bogged down by them.

Rhuaridh at 17:54 on 24 Oct 2021

Great talk! This should be part of the onboarding training given to every developer in a company (junior and senior!)

Pauline Vos at 14:24 on 25 Oct 2021

Great, engaging talk :) And quite a lot of attacks I had never even heard of 👀 which left me slightly concerned, haha