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Mark Railton at 19:12 on 23 Oct 2021

Absolutely brilliant talk from Gary with advice that’s useful for anyone at any point in their development career

Well structured talk. Loved the connections to gaming; the audience participation "guess this game screenshot".
Even the strenuous game connections like Autosave.

Gary emphasized that we need empathy. A point so important that every speaker after him made a call back to this.

I always enjoy Gary's keynotes, and this was no exception. Some important messages for all developers, and a great way to kick off the day!

Gary is always lively and a great start to the conference. great introduction and advice for anyone at any point in their career.

James Titcumb at 19:54 on 25 Oct 2021

Great kick off, I've seen the keynote before and it's nice to see it's refreshed and new content added and improvements made, but keeping the same great message and great personality.