Dive into MySQL to explore our Cargo Culting behaviours and the inner workings of MySQL that explain how the Cargo Culting formed and some useful tricks you may not know about.

* What happens when a table doesn't have a primary key?
* What does a sane primary key look like?
* What is a clustered index?
* How do indexes work?
* How should I design my indexes and how do I know if it is actually being used?
* What tools are there out there to make my life easier?


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Liam Hackett at 18:40 on 23 Oct 2021

Really engaging and informational talk. No complaints from me

Just enough depth to make you interested so you go and look yourself. I'm going to go and look for our redundant indexes on Monday.
When it comes to databases, you need a VERY good speaker to make the subject come to life, and this subject was our very good speaker.

sam killen at 11:57 on 25 Oct 2021

Mr Shone really shines when talking about a typically droll subject. His enthusiasm and knowledge really had me engaged and in my opinion is quickly going to become a pioneer of database static analysis with his work on his Cadfael tool.

Thank you Thomas!