You’ve started a new job. As you dig deeper into the codebase, the WTFs per minute rate rapidly increases, and you’re left wondering... “Where do I start?!”.

In this talk, I’ll draw on my own experiences of joining several different teams to help upgrade their legacy codebase.

I’ll show you what approaches were tried, what worked, what didn’t work, and how things could’ve been done differently

You’ll come out of this talk with some ideas of how to tackle your own codebase and make it easier to refactor.


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Harro Verton at 17:42 on 23 Oct 2021

Very good talk, covering all the basis, with some humor thrown in!

Harro Verton at 17:43 on 23 Oct 2021

Oh, and an elephant. :-)

Mark Railton at 19:21 on 23 Oct 2021

Really enjoyed this talk. Started out thinking I was watching some live theatre with James being his comical self.

Took a couple of lessons about attitudes to have around legacy code that hopefully I can employ in my day job and even encourage others to use.

If you define "legacy code" as "existing code" then this talk could be called "how to keep your job in tech".
Main take away: consider if a refactor is actually necessary and limit the scope when you do.
Speaker brought a lot of energy to his presentation.

A thoroughly entertaining talk, with an important message - all too often we jump on the legacy code bandwagon for 'reasons', and don't stop to consider the business impact - this talk certainly made me stop and think about my own approach to existing code!

Great presentation and lots of energy from James as always. Makes you really consider if that re-write is 100% necessary.