Coding in a scalable environment


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This was a very interesting talk and gave good hints at what to watch out for when considering scaling in the long run.
You spoke in a clear voice with a good tone and intonation.
Also very well played in on what the audience was doing.

Great job!

Anonymous at 14:59 on 22 Sep 2016

Zeer leerrijke en onderhoudende presentatie, prachtige avond.

Wesley Lancel at 08:27 on 23 Sep 2016

Good talk, lots of high level tips to consider when scaling.

Joeri at 08:27 on 23 Sep 2016

Very interesting topic! Bram clearly knows what he is talking about! I would love to see some (more) real life examples/problems and an idea about solving these problems.

Great talk!
I think you can improve your presentation by being just as enthusiastic and energetic as you were at the after talks :)

Finally got around to rating this talk ^^
Great session with lots of insights and explained on a level (everyone|most people) could understand.

Hat tip to Bram, good stuff.

Interesting talk, pointing out some of the pitfalls you will encounter when working at scale (and some tips on how you could solve these without crashing into a brick wall :p).

Good job!