Continuous delivery, deployment, integration: a lot of buzzwords of our times start with "continuous". But do they exist in real life? Or is this just fantasy? In this session, I'll show how real and impactful CI/CD can be by telling you the story of how we are building "continuous stuff" at VONQ. It's a story about tests, pipelines, automation and feature toggles, but, more importantly, about changing mindsets. We'll go through each of the stages - coding, testing, deploying (and delivering) - and we'll find out (spoiler!) why the road to continuous delivery is valuable even if you're not going to deploy in production many times per day.


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Mindset shift is indeed the key to get successful at "continuous whatever". Fail fast, fail often, recover quickly.
Great talk

Nice talk!

Great talk, interesting insights! Thank you!

Some good insights in this talk, brought in a clear way.