More and more developers practice TDD, but implementation and test code are too often in a one-to-one relationship. This means that whenever implementation code changes, unit tests need to be adapted as well. The most likely cause? An abuse of test doubles (mocks, stubs, and so on). In this talk the methodology will be under the spotlight, no matter what TDD tool you're using. As a matter of fact there won’t be any slides, just plain PHP code. I will build a practical example using both PHPUnit and PHPSpec, two of the main testing tools for PHP, pointing out the advantages of using real implementations (when possible) instead of test doubles.


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Brilliant! Very interesting!

Daniele at 10:24 on 20 Nov 2020

The talk's content was fairly interesting, the way the speaker exposed and the language fluency weren't, in my opinion, good enough.

Interesting content, definitely worth digging. Sometimes I got lost here and there, but that's maybe because I am not a phpspec user, not yet. Keep improving in english fluency. Good Job!

Interesting point of view :-)

Interesting talk on a very good topic. I did not love the presentation style though, since I found it a bit hard to follow due to the rapid jumps from code to code, and due to the fact that I'm not familiar with PHPSpec.

Interesting talk, probably the improvement can be done in english fluency. Thank you :)

Excellent talk. Very well presented.