DDD is one of the most effective ways to address business problems, but it can be overwhelming to get started with. Even armed with the theory, beginning the journey is mysterious and finding answers to specific implementation details can be tough and scary. In this talk we'll demystify the terminology and work out the most important aspects of DDD you'll need to get you going. Then, by exploring and implementing a sample business domain, we'll discover such things as: - How DDD entities differ from Doctrine entities - What an aggregate root actually is - How to organise your code - How to define a bounded context - How a domain service differs from an application service Finally, we'll wire it all together with Symfony 5. So if you've been wanting to get started with DDD for a while but never knew how or where to start then this talk is for you.


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Andy Roid at 11:32 on 20 Nov 2020

very clear and full of ideas for a beginner to DDD like me

Luca Saba at 11:32 on 20 Nov 2020

Great content very well exposed.

I've enjoyed it and learned a lot.

I wish he had more time to talk :) very well exposed not easy topic to newbies.

Brilliant !

The topic is hot, the attitude was great.
Not giving 5 starts just for an annoying problem with readability of code in slides.

Great content, great exposure. Initial focus on Ubiquitous Language and Domain was great.
Touching Strategic patterns would have made me give 5 stars.

Great way of exposing a hard topic, I liked the practical examples (even thought the slides were not that readable).

DDD is not easy. Most concepts seems very abstract and difficult to apply on MVC frameworks.
Neal's talk puts light on some of these concepts and gives clues about actual implementantions.
A very impressive (I would say even thrilling) talk, when it ends you would actually ask for more!
Thank you Neal.

Like I said in chat, you're a volcano.
Interesting content, I have to explore it.

A side note... a big NO for light theme :D slides were blurry and hard to read

Great talk! He was able to stuff a LOT of content in a very clear and energized presentation.

Only downside, code was not readable due to light theme + video compression :(

Mauro Cassani at 12:15 on 20 Nov 2020

very interesting talk, thank for sharing :)

Very clear and well exposed!
Thanks a lot!

I'm not a fan of white background code slides but... very good presentation!

Samuele Lilli at 13:22 on 20 Nov 2020

Four stars just because I wasn’t able to follow the talk along with white grounded slide (that were not readable at all).

Easy to understand, clear and interesting.
The code wasn't really readable (do not know if it was cause by connection). Probably using a dark theme could help the readers :)

It's funny, I have some experience with DDD in Symfony, so am not really a beginner, but despite the title I definitely learned a couple of things. Thanks!