Modelling by example


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I enjoyed your talk. Your explanation is clear, and though you were wondering if showing een recording of the process will work as opposed to live coding, I think it worked just fine.

It was quite fascinating to see the process of test-driving the development of a simple game like this. I guess everybody should have been convinced by now that this is the way to go and that TDD isn't scary or slow!

I think that for some people who knew nothing about Behat yet, some steps might have been hard to follow. The same for the recordings, which might have been better off with some more explanations to them. At least I feel they should have been more engaging.

Absolutely conference material - I liked the practical aspect of it, as opposed to the often more theoretical talks.

Very good intro to Behat. I've seen it used before, but have not used it myself before. It was good to have someone walk you through the process of how it all ties together.
The recorded coding session worked well, but could use some more comment from the speaker; at some points he was quiet a bit too long while the video just kept on running. He could have given some more comments in the way of "Now I'm doing this, or that, because ....".
Otherwise very enjoyable. Would recommend.

Enjoyed the talk quite a lot. I think it convinced the audience quite well how powerful a behaviour driven design can be. The basics were explained fairly well, but I think for someone who has never been exposed to BDD or the Gherkin scenarios, it might be a bit too 'magical' as the speaker didn't really explain how the DSL is parsed by Behat and why it works the way it works. Then again this might not have been the goal of the talk.

Which brings me to my only real point of critique: I think the speaker could have emphasised more how the design emerged from the examples in accordance with the Talk Title. Rather than focussing on creating a 'working' hangman, in my opinion the real strongpoint of the talk is how the model emerges seemingly without any thought or effort. This can be very powerful in real life scenarios.

I think the video presentation worked great, although I can imagine it being even more impactful when doing it live, but as with any live demo, this is prone to disrupting the talk by the slightest error, so imho using the video is a great alternative.

Amazing talk, it was fun to watch and it was a good idea to use an example that everybody knows. No time was wasted on explaining the rules of the game and all the focus was where it should be.

The video worked, but I'm a fan of live demo's and would have liked that a bit more.