Auth*: Dispelling the Myths


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Excellent talk about authentication, authorization, the differences between them, different ways that these concepts are implemented as well as touching on security concerns and issues regarding these topics. Timing was a bit off (ran long) so things had to be skipped, but it was a very good talk.

Good details and insights for authentication and authorization. Well prepared and covered pertinent information.

Super useful and practical. Thanks Chris!

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A nice overview of the different techniques that separate "feel-good" security from real security. I would have liked to see the rest of the presentation that got cut out due to time constraints.

A good overview of a lot of the different types of security. I got a bit lost in the soup of different technologies and approaches, but found the security myths to be practical and useful.

Very useful presentation! It was obvious that the presenter had a great passion for and understanding of authentication and authorization and gave some great information. It could have been timed a little better. The slides from the latter part of the presentation looked like something I would have liked to hear in more detail.