Bullet is a new functional PHP micro-framework with a unique declarative routing style that helps you easily and intuitively create REST APIs and web applications that automatically conform to the requirements of the HTTP specification.

This session will cover the basics of Bullet, why it was built, what purpose it serves, its unique declarative functional routing style, and will compare and contrast several code examples against other frameworks to demonstrate its use and how it differs from them.


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Great talk --- Good introduction to Bullet, as well as giving his opinions on why he built stuff the way he did, and his thoughts on other micro frameworks.

Nothin' better than an opinionated framework.

Seriously though, the rationale made a lot of sense.

Good introduction to Bullet. It looks like an interesting an opinionated solution to some very specific problems with good reasons for its design.

Very well presented. Covered the reasons for Bullet and how to use it very quickly. I found the best test of a talk is I want to go home and try it out, which I definitely want to try Bullet out now.

A great into to what looks like an interesting framework. I'll be putting it on my list of things to putter with. I feel like I've seen the automatic response formatting (string->html, array->json, integer->error code) before in another micro-framework, but I can't recall which one. The nested routing stuff is pretty sweet. Great job all around.