Clean Application Development


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Adam preaches the truth about what we all know: we have bad habits in our code, and it can only be fixed through the discipline that leads to clean app development, using code standards, frameworks and sound principles. Don't know how he finds the time to read all those books; maybe he does it will running his 100k ultramarathons...

This is an outstanding talk. Every developer needs to know what Adam talks about. It's well done and well presented.

Anonymous at 12:07 on 18 Jan 2014

Adam did a great job refreshing everyone on what they should be doing. He was easy to listen to and was clearly very knowledgeable in his craft.

Great talk. A lot of wisdom for new developers.

Great talk - covered a broad spectrum of good practices and made really good points.

Lots of good information. I wish most of the developers I've worked with in the past had seen this talk.

I thought the first part on why bad code gets written and why we should focus on quality went on too long. The advice on code quality was useful, practical and important. I also was impressed by the appeal for professionalism.

I really enjoyed this talk. It covered a lot of information about TDD & clean code that I've heard elsewhere, but it was really great to get some more in-depth information on the subject. One thing I really appreciated was the use of 'she' in addition to 'he' pronouns. It really helps me feel included as a female programmer to hear speakers use 'she' pronouns when giving examples. I could tell Adam was really passionate about this subject and it carried through during his presentation. It helped make me more excited to go out and practice these good techniques.

Very good presentation! I wish that more of my fellow programmers could have seen it. I am not sure that I agree with emphasis that he put on using a framework. They have their place but he made it sound like you should always use a framework and I think with good coding standards and good architecture, you can accomplish the same thing with a lot less bloat. I also would have liked to see a little less overlap from the Refactoring presentation in order to have more time to get more information in. That being said, this was still a very good presentation!