Decoupled Library Packages for PHP 5.4


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Thanks for a great presentation. Good energy which kept me engaged

I really enjoyed this presentation.

Very good presentation! Gave me a much better understanding of what is means to have decoupled libraries and to make sure things are decoupled within your site. The only feedback I could give would be try to explain the concept of the unidirectional coupling a little better.

Anonymous at 13:30 on 18 Jan 2014

Very enthusiastic presentation! Excited to see how the beta Aura pan out.

Practical advice on why and how to apply dependency injection to a legacy codebase. I'm not completely sold on the benefits, but because of this talk I'll be able to try it out on one of our smaller applications and see if it helps.

This talk was very enlightening. Paul is an awesome speaker and kept me listening with his passion for the topic and content. His coverage helped me more fully grasp some items I have had issues picking up, and opened my mind to learning more.