Demystifying the REST API


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I attended Samantha's talk on scalability yesterday, and she proved again in this talk that she's a leading thinker when it comes to real-world applications. Great talk!

One of the best, clearest overviews of REST and HATEOAS I've seen. Great slides, great presenter. Very good stuff. Only thing I would l have liked to see were more practical examples in PHP, but I suspect time didn't permit. Would be great as an expanded tutorial.

I've been writing rest API documentation for about a year now, and I found Samantha's talk informative. I was happy to learn what idempotent meant. Her presentation was great for resetting my baseline understanding of REST APIS.

Very good overview. I would've liked for Samantha to expand more on what the bullet points on the slides meant as opposed to reading directly from them. There was a lot of information and I really appreciated it when she would expand on her topics using real-world examples. Overall a really great talk and it really helped to expand my knowledge on REST APIs.