GitHub: More than Just Code


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Great presentation! Very excited to look into Github sponsorship of events.

Amazing presentation. Great to see Elizabeth presenting again, and this was a wonderful presentation to show how to use GitHub in non-coding ways to help organize yourself.

Anonymous at 11:44 on 17 Jan 2014

Great overview of the company.

Showed me all kinds of things I hadn't thought of using Github for.

Only four thumbs up for a technically incorrect fact: tacos are better than burritos.

Great talk, and well presented. I love the idea of using GitHub for even non-code things. Ticket all the things! :)

PS: Tacos are WAYYYY better than burrios FYI

Elizabeth is a great presenter, gave us a great look into Github's culture and goals, and really expanded my perception of what I could use it for.

Who knew you could do so many things with GitHub. Great ideas!

Great to see all the different ways people are using Github and gets you to start thinking about what other projects you could on github that aren't code.

It was interesting to see all the non-code-related uses of github people are finding to organize their lives and hobbies. I definitely walked away with a few new ideas.

As I was hearing the different things you could use GitHub for, I couldn't write down the ideas popping into my head fast enough. This was a great presentation with a lot of useful information. I'm very excited to take what I've learned and apply it to personal and professional projects of my own.

I also agree that burritos are way better, but I think most of us can agree that Mexican food is good no matter what you wrap it up in ;)

As always Elizabeth shines as a speaker, and was very engaging and entertaining. Lots of good information, but some slides seemed to be added as space fillers with some redundancy to add length to the talk. I was very interested in hearing of great ways to use Github for more than just source control, but would have liked to see more of "how" to go along with the great ideas. While I was nervous it would be a marketing talk on why Github is great, it was actually a nice talk covering how a company found uses for Github. (The company just happened to be Github.) Glad to see Github eating their own dog food.