Migrating to Dependency Injection


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Excellent introduction to DI and how to use it with legacy systems.

Thanks, this is a topic we've been dealing with at work with other languages, but haven't really tackled it for PHP yet. It's good to see some working examples and practical instructions about how to convert to DI. For next time, one of the things that would be helpful for someone like me who is new to it is a quick comparison of good PHP DI containers and what we should be considering as we decide what to use.

Good introduction to dependency injection. I'm not sold on whether it will help our team. Josh gave good steps to follow that can actually be used to slowly refactor a code base that I'll be trying.

Good introduction to DI. I struggle with seeing the benefit of DI and this did help me get a better understanding of the concept. I was hoping to get more information on the benefits but since that wasn't really the purpose of this presentation I can't really mark you down for that.

Finally I've got a better grasp on how to decouple my tests from things they shouldn't be concerned with. Thank you!

Anonymous at 13:34 on 18 Jan 2014

Excellent introduction into DI. It is a buzzword in our community and almost seems necessary for the businesses who plan to grow their digital products. I would love to see more real-world application and more information on ROI.