More Code, More Problems


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Really fun and entertaining talk. Love the sound effects for installing all the things with composer.

I really like this pragmatic and honest approach to evaluating the use of 3rd party code. A great reminder to be more thoughtful and purposeful about including code you didn't write in your larger codebase.

Great presentation! Loved the personality that was put into this presentation and it really gave me something to think about in the methods that I use in programming. I do still think that there is something to be said for not reinventing the wheel but that point was also made so this was a really great evaluation of the development world as it is today.

The presenter had a great personality and made some very good points. He was able to put into words many of my concerns about code quality. Thanks.

I like the idea that you are responsible for all the code you push out to your users, even the stuff you didn't write. In practice, it might be a bit difficult to maintain a purist approach to this without devolving into NIH syndrome. On the whole, it was good to hear an advocate for smaller composable components over large monolithic frameworks.

I think it's a great reminder that we are the ones responsible for the code we write. It drives me nuts when I see messy code and I'm a big believer in coding standards. Ed was wonderful to listen to, reinforced some great practices, and had a lot of useful resources included in his talk as well.