PHP objects internal design


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Very interesting and informative talk. Mentioning that despite what you read in forums and internet posts, you've read the code is brilliant. Well done.

Excellent talk with extremely knowledgeable - well done Pauli. It was great to show the php source code and explain some of the internal workings.

I was looking forward to this informative talk, and it delivered on all counts. Slide content was sometimes cluttered (mainly those with code, output, and bullet points), although the verbal delivery was very clear.

I think a bit about the work you're doing with Pimple for SensioLabs would have made a good anecdote towards the end of the presentation, after you introduced the class entries and spoke about overriding object handlers.

Wow. I almost walked out at the beginning thinking that it would be over my head. So glad I stayed.

Some of the gotchas were really interesting, and your explanation about why PHP was doing "weird" things was easy to understand.