Reacting: Event Driven Programming


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The presentation was laid out very well, starting with HTTP and socket communication via curl/telnet, and introduced React naturally.

When covering the event loops, I think doing a 2-3 minute dive into the PHP implementation (beyond the interface) would clear things up for the audience and answer some questions preemptively. The C extensions need only be mentioned in passing, which you did.

On React's DNS implementation, there was a missed opportunity to explain why that was necessary (PHP's DNS resolution blocks, and you'd need it for other client components).

I think this was a great introduction to a framework that will only get better with time. There were a few slides which had the "wall-of-code" overwhelming feel to them, but overall, the examples did a good job showing what React is capable of. Maybe consider adding some examples of projects using React in production, and explaining what their use cases are that led them to choose it over a more traditional framework.