Traits and Horizontal Design


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Presenter was knowledgeable, entertaining, and had great examples for traits. Talk was focused and made good points.

Good presentation on when to use traits and how they can make your life simpler.

I didn't feel like the presenter made a good case for why we should use traits. His examples seemed messy and convoluted. I was hoping for a more practical examples and use cases for traits.

I'm sorry you didn't find the presentation useful. The overall purpose was to provide an introduction to, as well as how to use traits (as described in the session description).

As for the examples, I wish you would have asked questions either during the session or afterwards as I would have been happy to explain what is happening in the code.

If you have questions about traits please feel free to reach out to me and I will be glad to do my best to walk through code examples and functionality more in depth, as well as answer any specific questions you may have regarding multiple inheritance/ horizontal reuse.

I do appreciate your feedback and would really like to use this as an opportunity to work with you to make the session as beneficial as possible.


Liked the talk. One thing I thought of afterward was that I don't know how traits work with unit tests. Obviously not in the scope of this talk, but perhaps a topic that needs more coverage. Questions like can you test a trait directly or only through the code that uses it; How do code coverage reports treat traits, etc.