Micro-frameworks Make Awesome APIs


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Ben Ramsey at 15:44 on 15 Jan 2016

Highly informative presentation. Austin's coverage of REST concepts, coupled with software architecture/design concepts for APIs, is great. I loved the coverage of the Richardson Maturity Model at the beginning, and I recommend tying back to that throughout the rest of the presentation, so that the audience can see how it contextually applies to building APIs. I also recommend using either Silex or Lumen (or something else) to illustrate creating APIs with middleware micro-frameworks, but not both.

Morgan Terry at 21:54 on 15 Jan 2016

This was a very informative presentation. I was exposed to some great new information, and inspired to dig deeper. I will definitely be applying some of the lessons learned here when building my next API.

I would recommend showing the examples in just one micro framework. Showing multiple examples in multiple frameworks didn't add much, and I think the time spent could have been better used going into more detail on other aspects of building an API.

All in all, though, this was one of my favorite presentations of the conference.

Blake Johnson at 07:44 on 16 Jan 2016

Very informative, just what I was looking for. Will use this information in a project right now.

Derek Caswell at 21:28 on 19 Jan 2016

Very well done! I have been wanting to go more towards the model of an api feeding an angular or angular like system and this helped me see a good way of structuring that API. I agree with other comments that you probably don't need to show the use of multiple frameworks. Just a short explanation that the code is basically the same would probably do the job in far less time.