Refactoring Legacy Code


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I liked how how you promoted dependency injection.

I like the idea of extracting business logic. I think an example of separating out logic with a code example would have helped.

We used PSR-4 to autoload classes with namespaces.
When we hired a new developer, he found it was difficult to find where the definitions of the classes are because of autoloading. It would have been easier to have a require_once to find them.
We have found it better to not use autoloading.

A factory *still* instantiates or creates a new object. There is only one factory instance, but calling newInstance creates an object.

I enjoyed this talk. Adam is a fun speaker to listen to, and he obviously knows his stuff. This talk crams a ton of value on a challenging topic into a relatively short time slot.

Ben Ramsey at 15:40 on 14 Jan 2016

Adam is a great speaker and is able to clearly articulate and explain this topic. I think the examples presented succinctly and efficiently supported his points.

Adam gave really good step by step instructions on how to refactor legacy code. He covered good coding practices and standards like auto-loading, dependency injection, and PSR suggestions. I've attended Adam's other refactoring talk and the focus for this talk was very different which was good. Adam's vast experience shows in this talk with helping refactor legacy code. I like the examples that were given and used to relate to the problems and situations.

Brian Rogers at 10:40 on 15 Jan 2016

Awesome talk, constantly enforcing the idea of baby steps are better than nothing and trying to make leaps when changing code will likely hurt you was encouraging to hear.

Great talk on refactoring legacy code. Adam is a great speaker to listen to. The examples used made it easy to understand.

Derek Caswell at 19:20 on 19 Jan 2016

This is the second time that I have seen this presentation and I took away even more then I did the first time. Refactoring is a constant struggle in our system as much of the code is very old and needs refactoring very badly. Adam does a great job at mapping out a process that can be used to give better structure to the code and make it easier to maintain.

Monte Webster at 11:04 on 25 Jan 2016

This was a great topic for me and my team. I am somewhat new to my company and have inherited a mass of legacy code. If we could go thru these steps, I think it would make huge improvement for future dev efforts and maintenance. We have much to discuss on this.