Stronger Than Fear: Mental Health in the Developer Community


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This is a topic very important to talk about.

Very well delivered with a lot of useful information. Inspired me to look at the policies regarding mental health in the company that I work for, and ensure that they are there :)

Thank you for sharing!

Kyle Waters at 10:02 on 15 Jan 2016

Fantastic. Thank you for doing this.

I've always struggled with comparing mental health issues to diabetes, because I feel like we understand diabetes so much better. Though cancer seems like more of a fair comparison. If you have cancer the doctors give you a list of options you can try and if the first doesn't work they will try something, and they have to just keep trying hoping the get it eventually. It seem the same with most mental health issue. Doctors have to just keep trying until something happens to work.

Your comments about the benefits of depression reminded me of this article about why depression may be so common:

Learned a lot about mental health for developers. Ed did a great job sharing his experiences and explaining why this topic is so important. Loved his survey comparisons between mental and physical health. Ed kept a good pace and had plenty of material to cover during the presentation. While he did run out of time he was able to make the important points that he needed to make. Well done!

Mental health in the workplace is an important subject that needs to talk about more. Finkler did a good job presenting on it.

Good values that allow you to avoid mistakes.

Blake Johnson at 07:50 on 16 Jan 2016

Loved it.

Kyle Klein at 09:07 on 16 Jan 2016

I was a bit skeptical of this at first, but I thought it was excellently done and much-needed.

Very important topic. Lots of good data and tips about mental health. Thank you, Ed.

Excellent topic and strong speaker. Sharing his personal stories was brave. Could have been paced to allow more than the last 5 minutes for the sections on recommendations, and reasons to implement them.

Derek Caswell at 20:02 on 19 Jan 2016

Very well presented! I never even thought to ask my employer if they offer mental health benefits. I know my current employer does not since they don't offer any benefits but in the future where it is possible, I will be sure to look into and encourage it.