Unit testing in WordPress


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Great talk! I really liked the more practical nature of it an all the code samples.

Would have liked to see the example plugin being used throughout the talk rather than at the end.

Very nicely done. Ptah shared some insights from his experience, tips to work smarter, and best practices. His personality also comes through to keep the air light on a very detailed and difficult topic.

Great talk, good attitude and funny. I appreciate that he was honest about the path he took to get to where he is,

Anonymous at 09:32 on 12 Dec 2013

This talk had a lot of useful information in it and there were some great tips and tricks given.

Nice overview on general reasons for unit testing. I agree with Adrian about using the example throughout. Perhaps add some info about the anatomy of a plugin, where unit tests fit and their layout.

Perfect talk for WordPress Theme and Plugin developers unfamiliar with Unit Testing. Ptah started with an easy-to-digest intro to Unit Testing, followed by an overview of PHPUnit made with clear examples. Last, he addressed the most common misconceptions management and developers have about unit testing, which would have made for an excellent attention grabber during his intro! Ptah's talk leaves developers with a boost of confidence from having obtained new found knowledge of the WordPress testing suite, which I'm sure will encourage more core contributors as a side effect.

Great speak! I left wanting to listen more about unit testing and mainly for wordpress the cms i am doing more now. Looking forward for more meetups with this group.

Ptah did a good job on speaking and presenting the subject info. Gave slides and e-material we can use for automated testing. Also gave homework that I am working on today which will also help me with WP testing :-)