Communicating on the Web


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Anonymous at 20:27 on 8 Jan 2014

very excellent. learned something new about the foundation of PHP... PHttP.

Anonymous at 20:38 on 8 Jan 2014

This was an excellent talk on HTTP from multiple clients to servers. Very good talk!

Great HTTP talk highlighting concepts that all web developers should know. I would recommend trying to find a way to make the different areas presented flow a little more smoothly, but content was great.

The slides were not as you had expected, but great information. Thank you, Adrian.

Great talk Adrian.

Good content. A bit out of order and some choppiness in flow because of it, but well presented and rich.

Great talk adrian! It definitely filled in a few missing links for me grasping some of the concepts behind HTTP headers, and caching. I learned a few things or two about what's coming in HTTP v2 too, thanks.

Otherwise, definitely work on the organization of the talk and make sure you've got a local backup.