Breaking into freelance


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Great material whether you are freelancing or not.

If you mention a study, you should include the factual numbers.

Melissa did a great job covering tips and hints on how to be more successful at going freelance. Covered many areas that most forget about. Very motivational call to devs to not be afraid and be willing to risk. Very energetic talk for a first time.

Good talk with solid, practical advice to make for a profitable freelance experience. Interactions between Melissa & the audience added to the talk. Some points within the talk carried on a bit too long, but overall, were presented in a way that kept the audience wanting to hear more. Overall, it was a talk that allowed a nice, uncomplicated start to freelancing.

Anonymous at 23:34 on 8 Feb 2014

Great talk. Additional subjects I thought you could address include billing for multiphase projects and how to take due care with intellectual property clauses in contracts.

- DevMichael

Anonymous at 20:46 on 11 Feb 2014

Excellent talk. Great content, valuable advice and lots of humor.