Creating a Phar


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Thanks for giving this talk, actually helps a lot for what i'm doing, PHAR i'll be me to ship CLI programs easily and more organized.

One suggestion is to submit this talk to Sunshine PHP i'll be a great topic for those that are not able to make neither Boca or Miami.

Good job covering a difficult topic. While PHAR is still not easy to use, Adrian did a great job of explaining how to use this obscure and poorly documented technology. Also good to see code examples with use of SPL. With a little more tweaking and practice this could be a great talk. (rather than the short time period Adrian was given to prepare this talk)

Awesome. Great talk, Adrian. Definitely a great subject for SunshinePHP.

Nice presentation. Did not present too fast, paused for Q&A. Gave thoughtful answers. Presentation length perfect for the time allotted. Presentation content complete enough where anyone could take his material and create their own PHAR.

Great talk, as always! Nice presentation.

Anonymous at 20:49 on 10 Jul 2014

Excellent talk, good information and sample use case. Super presentation, presentation font and simple text. The display needed to be higher for us folks at the phar end of the table.