Sys admin skills for PHP developers


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Great talk just one suggestion. In the beginning it was slide after slide. They were funny slides but it wasn't very engaging. Once Adam started asking questions to the group it seems like you followed suit and the meetup became much more exciting. I know it is hard to find a balance between information and fun :) Great Job!

Nice job on the talk Pablo. Lots of great info, Was a bit long for a normal length talk, so perhaps trim some of the informational stuff from the beginning and get into the tools faster would help the length. So many tools, so little time.

Anonymous at 09:39 on 14 Mar 2013

Really awesome job, thanks
ini_get_all(). Do a var_dump(). It has an access levels that tells you where you can set it from
PHP_INI_USER 1 Entry can be set in user scripts
PHP_INI_PERDIR 2 Entry can be set in php.ini, .htaccess or httpd.conf
PHP_INI_SYSTEM 4 Entry can be set in php.ini or httpd.conf
PHP_INI_ALL 7 Entry can be set anywhere

I agree with Adam, although I guess it depends on the audience. Perhaps split it into two talks? One for beginners and another for more intermediate/advanced users?