Vagrant for Virtualized Development


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Excellent presentation Adam! Thanks for the great information! I would love to see more advanced talks on creating your own Vagrant boxes. Also, would love to see a talk on Puppet.

Awesome talk. Very informative it answered all the questions I had about Vagrant!

My only complaint is with the command line snippets. It was very hard to read the blue comments and red points. I would suggest yellow or orange instead of red and maybe a neonish green instead of the blue.

Awesome talk! Highlight more that by setting the port you don't have to edit the local hosts file.

Vary informative, love to hear about ways to automate the tedious tasks.

Anonymous at 09:24 on 12 Sep 2013

Thanks for showing us through the Vagrant ropes, always a pleasure to have a presenter that knows what he's talking about!

Great job Adam, really interesting and informative. I really liked the example setup you did, nice to see it is action

Excellent talk on Vagrant and automation of server configuration. Also appreciated hearing your thoughts on frameworks and developer tools in general. Thanks Adam!

Excellent talk Adam! I agree with Adrian on expanding a bit on the benefits of setting the port vs editing the hosts file and with Melissa about making the code sample slides more readable. Overall great job!

Anonymous at 09:53 on 12 Sep 2013

Very good presentation, enjoyable, with lots of great content and examples

Learned another cool tool.

Me encantó la presentación. Aprendí mucho. Nunca he visto una manera tan organizada de hacer mi trabajo como desarrolladora de software como el que vi esta noche.

Great presentation, lots of useful info.
I've been using VMware to build quickie test environments, and this tool makes that task even simpler.