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I really liked the subject since it Chef and the like were all new to me. I think there could have been more screens of actually functionality showing Chef in action. But overall, fun, not too long, and great to have been based on a real experience!

Your presentation skills are very good. I was originally concerned that the presentation was too short, but there was a lot of Q&A at the end. It seemed to me that the Q&A centered around other tools that did similar jobs. Perhaps you can add some tool comparison charts to the presentation.

Thanks so much i'll make sure split the info in more screens next time, Bob i think you right charts would be very helpful. I'm preparing another talk just about Chef that's why i didn't include more chef specific topics just an overview since Chef alone need a whole talk.

and Yes ! i loved the Q&A was awesome.

Thanks you guys for your feedback you really make interesting points for me to improve my next presentations, i really appreciate your comments.

Anonymous at 07:03 on 14 Sep 2014

Great informative talk. Thanks Angel

Excellent topic and excellent coverage and excellent examples. Speak slowly (and carry a big cookbook)