Jenkins X, an open source project introduced to the community by CloudBees, enables the rapid creation, delivery and orchestration of cloud-native applications based on continuous delivery best practices and the proven Kubernetes platform.
By combining the power of Jenkins, its community and the power of Kubernetes, the Jenkins X project provides a path to the future of continuous delivery for microservices and cloud-native applications.
Jenkins X is Jenkins and additional best of breed tools and software for Kubernetes. It provides an interactive command-line interface to instantiate applications, repositories, environments, and pipelines and orchestrate continuous integration and continuous delivery
It is the CI/CD solution for development of modern cloud applications on Kubernetes
We'll explore some of the features of Jenkins X through a hands-on demo.


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aleix at 01:00 on 1 Oct 2018

Better than expected. I didn't know about Jenkins X and I got the main idea. Looking forward to use it

Viktor Farcic (Speaker) at 22:38 on 1 Oct 2018

The link to the slides:

Great Session including demo.
Would have loved some review of concepts or explanation of the building blocks or concepts (e-g- `gitops`).

Good introduction to Jenkins X. Looking forward to use it.