Have you ever thought about the legal implications of the software you write? Did you ever even consider that you could actually go to jail for it? Crazy as it may sound, it has already happened.
Here we'll reflect a bit on recent precedents, and we'll review testing as an ethical approach to developing software and how to prevent your software to take you places you definitely did not want to go to.


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aleix at 01:07 on 1 Oct 2018

The talk opened a good debate at the end. It helped people shares their concerns in a safe space.

Angel Rayo at 19:09 on 1 Oct 2018

The content of the talk was very interesting, Paula was able to send questions to all of us about our responsibility as developers and think about the product we are building.

Good work Paula!

Tiago Ameller at 20:51 on 6 Oct 2018

As our profession matures, ethics becomes important. "Think about it" talk