Kubernetes and Containers are taking over the world and it seems that is they fit in every use-case from a small startup to big bank industries. But in reality every environment is unique with it´s own peculiarities. Kubernetes is not the end-game, it´s the platform for platforms. During this talk we´ll discuss about the differences between startups and enterprises and how we can fill the gap integrating inside Kubernetes our custom workflow using Custom Resources and Operators.
We´ll do a demo of a Project entity that helps provision namespaces and grants user access to team members. CRDs are a powerful tool for Kubernetes extensibility but with great power comes great responsibility.


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Jose Armesto at 08:28 on 1 Oct 2018

I've seem Dimitris in other talks so I was really looking forward to his talk! But I believe the introduction took way too much time. I also was expecting I deeper look into CRDs and the Operator pattern.

aleix at 15:47 on 1 Oct 2018

Too much long introduction about waterfall & agile. The topic was interesting but little time to see everything