Serverless is the new buzzword in the Development world. Lots of people think that it's the best thing since the sliced bread.
But it's serverless mature enough to deploy it to production?
In this talk we'll try to assess the maturity of the technology following the principles of the DevOps Handbook.


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Jose Armesto at 08:31 on 1 Oct 2018

Nice overview on the current state of FaaS, with lots of references to tools and books. Would've been perfect if he showed some real code examples from their company!
My biggest issue with the talk is that it was hard to focus on the content of the talk having an incredible handsome speaker.

Good overview about the current state of Serverless.

Javi Sánchez at 09:58 on 2 Oct 2018

I was expecting the HYPE TRAIN but I found good insights based on real experience. Could do with some code as well! Also, show some real world example (e.g. more on Chaos Monkey with serverless or show a deployment pipeline).