A lot has been said about splitting the monolith.
This talk focuses on what alternatives we have when refactorring each of the splits we take away from the monolith (and how we can use them in the monolith itself).
MICROSERVICES is hype, there's a world between mono and micro.


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Sergio Ferraz at 18:29 on 30 Sep 2018


Great talk with lots of real insights about how to architect your systems when dealing with a distributed system in a microservices architecture.

Since Ignasi in an expert in the field he explained with care what's in his opinion the best way to evolve a microsystem architecture into to a reactive microservice one in several steps. Also discussed pros and cons with the audience.

Interesting talk about migrating from a monolith to a (reactive) microservices architecture, with a stop at microliths.

I had just read about microliths, so I thank you for taking time to explain them and to to explain the migration steps towards a real microservices architecture, showing where the source of truth is at each moment...