“Number of programmers doubling every five years” Robert C Marrin.
We have lots of junior developers joining the industry every year. And even with this, every company is struggling to find developers, especially senior developers.
We think that one of the best solutions to this problem is paid apprenticeship programs.
In this talk, we want to share our experience with our apprenticeship program from different points of view, as an apprentice and as a teacher.
We’ll talk about what went well, the challenges we faced and how we solved them.
Moreover, we believe that apprenticeship programs go beyond the apprentices and the teachers and help to foster a culture of learning in a company.


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Muy buena charla, me gusto que se hablara desde los dos perfiles. Quiza lo unico que le heché de menos fue explicar el dia después de los apprentices, como se les acompaña en su primer proyecto, etc.