In this session we will design an e-commerce solution using a "board game" approach, we will have a few boards with different types of architecture styles (layers, distributed, hexagonal). Atendees will fill the boards with cards representing classes placed in the board. There are a few tokens that can be used to mark classes (value object, aggregate, repository, service, event, ...). This should be a fun and iterative session where attendees can try different approaches to solve the problem, discuss alternatives, get feedback and learn about design and architecture.


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It was a nice idea, but it'd have helped tons to have some slrt of direction (use cases cards for example)

The game was awesome, great idea even in this early stage.

Only two things:
- It was difficult to start because we didn´t know exactly what we had to do. A more detailed explanation (maybe an example round) could help to speed up the learning process.
- Maybe one hour is not enough to get everything this game can offer, we were starting the interesting part when the time finished

And the most important one... Where can I buy it!?

Xavier Serrat at 23:12 on 6 Oct 2019

Really great workshop! I'm very happy to be there.

I'll try to apply this kind of game in my company with my collegues creating more specific cards to discuss how the business logic works.

About the workshop, the only trouble was at the beginning because we didn't know how it was oriented (the fact of choose a context).

Anyway, I conclude that it was such a nice experience to improve architectural skills in a different way.

Genial juego y actividad com discusiones super interesantes en la segunda parte.