Designing a Model Architecture


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Srdjan Kostadinovic at 11:24 on 30 May 2015

To the point, informative, offering a great insight into DDD. Kudos!

This is a great talk that shows a tremendous amount of information about how to design the model, and highlights some great best practices.

There's one slide that potentially contains a landmine, when the DI container is injected into the command bus. This is a common behavior in PHP, and can be dangerous if developers use this technique for service location in general. I'd like to see a discussion on why it's done here, and a warning that it's dangerous if abused. :)

Was sceptical at first by the amount of code slides, but it was extremely easy to follow and it nicely sums up the whole talk. Shawn did a great job, motivating audience to dig into domain patterns.

The talk presented interesting ideas about application architecture, based on real-world problems. It made me motivated to dive deeper into the architecture theory and improve my code organisation.

The speaker presented the ideas clearly and eloquently. Even the more complicated concepts were easy to grasp.

I was impressed that a substantial quantity of code was presented clearly without being overwhelming, by utilizing clever slide organisation.

The talk covered how to make a layered architecture, and did that brilliantly. Shawn communicated his ideas clearly.

There was just enough code examples.

Comprehensive and practical lesson on model design giving clear clarification of layering, separation of concerns and decoupling.

Nice talk, easy to follow, good communication with the audience. Some concepts of multi layered architecture well explained.

Excellent overview of some core DDD concepts. The examples, although simplified, do a very good job of putting each of the principles in context, which is crucial for a better understanding of these. I'm looking forward to reviewing the slides!

Great talk, provided a lot of useful information and suggestions.

Anonymous at 09:12 on 1 Jun 2015

Great talk, got some new ideas how to improve my code, some new things to try out.

Would like to hear about handling some "edge" cases when the line between layers is not that clear, e.g. using templates in emails whose sending is being triggered by the service layer.

Great speaker, great topic. He showed a lot of code and approaches. He explained multilayer architecture and he keep attention all the time.

Anonymous at 22:41 on 1 Jun 2015

Great talk. I would love to get the slides though.

Anonymous at 18:21 on 4 Jul 2015

No slides, but here is the talk video: