Sylius under the hood


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I haven't worked with Sylius earlier, but this talk provided many useful insights about it, of which some were too detailed in my opinion for this type of presentation. I really liked the idea behind Sylius which is a modular, flexible, customizable system with decoupled components.

Nice coverage of how Sylius works and how extensible it is.

A bit too narrow talk. I understand idea of showing SOLID in action, but it felt too much as a Sylius pitch to me.

Anonymous at 09:14 on 1 Jun 2015

This would be excellent talk if it would have lasted 10 minutes.

@Ivan Krickovic: Thank you for your comment, but would be great if you could elaborate just a little a bit on why you did not like it. I really appreciate feedback and want to make my future talks better. Cheers!

I am afraid that such general principles (like SOLID) can hardly be demonstrated by some specific examples that solve specific problems on specific platform. I think that diving into the level of methods as a way to demonstrate SOLID principles is not a good idea, because they are more a way of thinking and a way of planning, rather then implementation. Code samples are mostly good thing, but using code samples as a starting point in elaboration of those principles... I think it is simply a wrong direction. Good direction would be: think properly -> plan properly -> implement properly.
Anyway, I was really happy to learn about e-commerce platform that is modular and that strives to SOLID principles. Only, I do have impression that this talk would be much more well placed on some other subject than this was.
I wish you great success with your product!

@Ivan Krickovic: Really appreciate your feedback, thank you!