The Seven Deadly Sins Of Object Orientation


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Brandon was great!

He talked about the 7 deadly sins that all of us succumbed to at least once in our career.
All in all, a great eye opening presentation.

I already heard it back in 2014 but was still curious to see are there any new approaches. While I did not hear anything new, talk is much better, transitions between “sins” are smoother and Brandon seems comfortable giving it.

Last talk, but not the least. I really liked the concept of this presentation. Each "sin" hits the target and they all together make a nice composition. Brandon is a great presenter.

Great talk. Most of the object oriented code smells were covered. Everything was presented in a nice and understandable way with great examples.

Interesting talk covering various examples of bad coding practices, mostly tied to SOLID principles, and how to avoid them. It really shows that these come from the speaker's experience. Interesting and well presented.

Brandon seemed very comfortable in his role as a speaker and teacher. He presented the ideas clearly, kept a good rhythm and the 40 or so minutes just seemed to melt away. The talk taught me some pitfalls to look out for in my future endeavours, and I will hopefully be less likely to shoot myself in the foot.

I think Brandon hit a sweet spot between the number of concepts (or "sins") presented, and the amount of detail outlined to explain them. The flow of the talk was great, and the dynamics were quite good. Using this talk to wrap up the conference was spot-on.

I enjoyed this talk very much. I'm only sorry that crowd was a bit thinned out, this being the last talk, so it didn't raise the discussion, I was expecting and there were literally no questions.

This is probably the talk that I have learn the most from. Thanks, Brandon!

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I think this was the best talk of the conference for me as I took away the most from it at the end of the day. Nice flow of the talk, great examples and Brandon was really confident on the stage.

Great speaker, great topic. Something every developer need to hear and start to apply in every day work.

Brendon was great as I expected.

Brandon was great!