Do you TDD or BDD? Why not both? Come learn the "Double Loop" workflow and discover how you can use both Behavior Driven Development and Test Driven Development to write well designed, tested and documented code. Double Loop works for lone engineers, small teams or entire product departments. I'll cover the steps you'll take in the workflow in detail with best practices for behavior testing, integration testing and unit testing.


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A fantastic introduction to not only what TDD and BDD mean, but a practical workflow for using them effectively.

TJ Draper at 17:33 on 16 Aug 2018

Really great topic and a lot of information to digest. I took a lot of notes and will be thinking about how to start integrating this thinking into our workflows.

Roger Creasy at 06:26 on 17 Aug 2018

Great talk! There was so much information in this talk. Despite the broad topic, the talk's coverage was very well organized and presented. The flowchart PDF is great too. Great presentation.

Randall at 13:04 on 18 Aug 2018

Your hand-out was a good idea. It's a great chart and nice to refer to when you are on other slides.

The slightly-heavier paper it was printed on said "hey, this is important, you should grab a copy". :)

Thank you for sharing your slides.