A look into the internals of PHP; How it came to be, how it works, and how PHP 7 leapt far out in front of its predecessor on performance and memory consumption with some thoughts on what's next for PHP 8.


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I learned so much about how PHP works under the hood, I feel comfortable looking into it more now! Thanks!

As someone who doesn't write C, there's a fair amount of this talk that went right over my head, but it was still accessible enough that someone who lives in userland PHP could follow.

Omni Adams at 16:21 on 16 Aug 2018

It's always great hearing about why PHP sped up so much between 5 and 7. Cool peeling back the curtain into what PHP is doing under the hood.

Randall at 13:02 on 18 Aug 2018

Good job sharing your slides at the beginning. I think this should be a trend since sometimes projectors fail, tall people sit in front of someone, or they are just unable to see well. It was a good save for the under-powered projectors.