Laravel's Homestead project is the second most downloaded public vagrant environment. Initially designed to be a full featured local development environment focused on making Laravel developer's experience easier Homestead has grown into a solid well rounded LAMP stack Vagrant environment for nearly any PHP project.

Join us as we review the features and inner workings of Homestead, explore some features you may not be aware of, and even take a trip deep into the operations process of how we build and deliver the best vagrant environment for the PHP community. We'll also cover extending Homestead and making it work for your custom applications and how you can easily share the customized environment with your teammates, coworkers, or contributors.


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Joe easily broke down complex steps into simple and easy-to-consume bites of knowledge. I would highly recommend this talk for anyone using Homestead or anyone interested in uses of Vagrant.

Jeff Garner at 11:01 on 17 Aug 2018

Great information in an easy to see and read presentation.

Julian Canepa at 11:01 on 17 Aug 2018

Great talk, very informative look behind the curtain of a tool that's a vital part of my daily dev workflow. Powerful call to action in contributing to this great tool.

A great dive into the internals of Homestead and how people can get involved with the project.

Bill Condo at 11:31 on 17 Aug 2018

It was interesting to hear about the build process for Homestead and how Joe manages functionality vs. boot time.